It’s 2015.

Yet another year to make and break New Year’s resolutions. Or to avoid them altogether. Perhaps another year that will go by, soon to be forgotten in the annals of an ordinarily extraordinary lifetime.

But this year, let’s go out on a limb – 

And dedicate a string of New Year’s resolutions to the Jaded. To us.

The Jaded come in all shapes and sizes.

Some see a future shrouded in a rolling cloak of ominous uncertainties.
Some mistakenly see a future marching in regimented step to carefully laid plans.

Some don’t see even the faintest shadow of a future.

They are all of us humans, hunting a future that is in fact hunting us.

They are you and me.

So, Jaded. Let’s take a knee for 2015.

May we live like the next second will slip from our hands. Remember, we are vapours.

May we want only what we need and need only what we have. Remember, we are travellers.

May we work our hands raw to build what is eternal. Remember, we are immortals.

May we love strangers as our own flesh and blood. Remember, we are brothers.

May we laugh in the face of the bitterest disappointment. Remember, we are fighters.

May we weep at apathy in the hidden corners of hearts. Remember, we are empathisers.

May we breathe a passion for selfless change. Remember, we are innovators.

May we fight the injustice ravaging our world. Remember, we are disruptors.

May we pray to commit our souls to God. Remember, we are His.

You see, I don’t think we’ve really become jaded. We have merely forgotten who we are, and Who we belong to. 

Remember, remember, remember. And remember some more.

Let’s make 2015 the Year of the Jaded.


Photo credit: Flickr, Kristina Alexanderson

Fiona is an impulsive collector of moments. People, places and their stories fascinate her. Having lived, worked and/or travelled on every continent except Antarctica before breathing the last of her first quarter century, she is now chasing the tails of a law degree, some ethereal notion of justice and, above all, the words to make sense of it all.

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